Monday, January 2, 2012

Table of Content

I Geometry Manipulation
Wolfgang Engel, editor
  1. Vertex Shader Tesselatin by Holger Gruen
  2. Real-time Deformable Terrain Rendering by Egor Yusov
  3. Optimized Stadium Crowd Rendering by Alan Chambers
  4. Geometric Anti-Aliasing Methods by Emil Persson
II Rendering
Christopher Oat, editor
  1. Practical Elliptical Texture Filtering by Pavlos Mavridis and Georgios Papaioannou
  2. An Approximation to the Chapman Grazing-Incidence Function for Atmospheric Scattering by Christian Schüler
  3. Volumetric Real-Time Water and Foam Rendering by Daniel Scherzer, Florian Bagar and Oliver Mattausch
  4. CryENGINE 3 by Tiago Sousa, Nick Kasyan, and Nicolas Schulz
  5. Inexpensive Anti-Aliasing of Simple Objects by Mikkel Gjol and Mark Gjol
III Global Illumination Effects
Carsten Dachsbacher, editor
  1. Ray-traced Approximate Reflections Using a Grid of Oriented Splats by Holger Gruen
  2. Screen-space Bent Cones: A Practical Approach by Oliver Klehm, Tobias Ritschel, Elmar Eisemann, Hans-Peter Seidel
  3. Real-time Near-field Global Illumination based on a Voxel Model by Sinje Thiedemann, Niklas Henrich, Thorsten Grosch, Stefan Mueller
IV Shadows
Wolfgang Engel, editor
  1. Efficient Online Visibility for Shadow Maps by Oliver Mattausch, Jiri Bittner, Ari Silvnennoinen, Daniel Scherzer and Michael Wimmer
  2. Depth Rejected Gobo Shadows by John White
V 3D Engine Design
Wessam Bahnassi, editor
  1. Z3 Culling by Pascal Gautron, Jean-Eudes Marvie and Gaël Sourimant
  2. Quaternion-based rendering pipeline by Dzmitry Malyshau
  3. Implementing a Directionally Adaptive Edge AA Filter using DirectX 11 by Matthew Johnson
  4. Designing a Data-Driven Renderer by Donal Revie
Sebastien St-Laurent, editor
  1. Volumetric transparency with Per-Pixel Fragment Lists" by Laszlo Szecsi, Pal Barta and Balazs Kovacs
  2. Practical Binary Surface and Solid Voxelization with Direct3D 11 by Michael Schwarz
  3. Interactive Ray Tracing Using the Compute Shader in DirectX 11 by Arturo Garca, Francisco  Avila,  Sergio Murgua and Leo Reyes

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